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5720 Morphic major always 01-11-07 21:47 01-15-07 03:54
new 3.9  
0005720: a project saved with a scripted press-me button in it doesnt load back.
in a morphic project drop as press-me button from the object menu. Then edit its script to something like:
RectangleMorph new openInHand.

Now, everytime you press the button you get a new RectangleMorph. If you save that project to disk when loading it back you get a debug screen related with RenamedClassSourceReader.
child of 0005724new  In 7067 manually editing an Etoys script prevents the project from being reloaded. 
 Scriptable button [^] (19,166 bytes) 01-14-07 20:22

01-13-07 08:50   
Hi jreyes,

I could try to recreate the bug using the formula described or I could save myself some trouble by asking for more info.

Which squeak image were you using?
Can you upload the simplist project that recreates the bug?

The first rule of trouble shooting is first hand information.

Thanks for reporting the bug and thanks in advance for persuing it.

Yours in curiosity and ser vice, -- Jerome Peace
01-14-07 20:23   
Hi Jerome,

I use 3.9 final 7067. That's the file name al least.

I was developing an application when it happened, but the simplest morphic project to do that is an empty one with just that button and nothing else. Just create an empty morphic project, drop the press me button, edit its script to be 'RectangleMorph new openInHand', save the project and that is it.

I upload a project like that.
01-15-07 02:24   
Some analysis,

Thanks Javier the upload helped.

I confirmed the problem happens in 3.9 and not in 3.8.

The difficulty comes in when the script is writen. That creates a uniclass to hold the script. Apparently the class definition does not get writen out or does not get read back in before the script method. I am not an expert on things etoys.

I should mention that your project upload was important in tracking down the problem.

I originally set the button action via redMenu>extras>addaButtonUpAction.
That works w/o invoking the etoys scripting
So it still works after being saved and reloaded. But yours demonstates the problem. And when I went and edited the buttons script I ran into the same problem.

So something has gotten broken in etoys.

And thanks to you we have a repeatable test failure. Good work.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
01-15-07 02:50   
Things are broken as far back as 6680. (though the DNU message is about #asLowerCase.