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573 minor always 11-30-04 17:36 01-13-05 09:08
0000573: Method triggers not correctly updated when compiling outside Tweak
when changing a method annotation in a morphic browser, the change does not take effect immediately. Works fine in a Tweak browser.

12-01-04 15:00   
The problem is the lacking script scheduler - the scripts actually get triggered but not run... got to think about this.
12-14-04 00:49   
I assume that Andreas sent out an update that tries to fix this. One result is that certain messages get into infinite recursion at the end of their compile. CTileCostume>>onYellowClick: is one of these. I tracked this down to (CPlayer new container). It created the costume and then asked it container. I made container return nil when there is no costume, since that is what it will return anyway. This allowed the Asynch messages to be installed.
      I immediately pushed this fix, and it is in update [Tweak-1-1-alpha]0314Recurs-Msg-tk
12-14-04 06:29   
I didn't send an update so this is unrelated. In fact, I wasn't able to see the effect you're describing. Let's chat about this when you're around -- Andreas
01-13-05 09:08   
This is a particular problem when one updates methods from a morphic browser (instead of a tweak project). I'm not sure what (if anything) can be done about this because when this happens we essentially lost the reference to the "current" scheduler for the objects.