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0000059: senders of... oblivious to annotations
Consider a method with
<ticking: 2>
While programming, I want to see other uses, so I look to menu "senders of...(n)" but #ticking does not appear on the list. The symbols in annotations should be included.

This should get improved before Tweak is released to a wider audience.
Adding insult:
I double-clicked on it to select in the text pane, drilled to the more... part of the menu, and found that neither "senders of it" nor "references to it" was satisfactory...I remembered seeing code that was not on the list in front of me.
"explain" said "Sorry, I can't explain that". (It really should)
I was suspicious of the results from "method source with it"
Ah, but of course: I had selected "ticking:" instead of "ticking". Picky-picky! 8-( 8-)
If one of my kids gave me the run-around like that, they'd spend time alone in their room. At least with them I can reasonably expect them to learn to do what I want, and to be able to tell when we are playing games and when I just want a damned answer already.

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