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630 Jasmine minor always 12-08-04 02:01 12-08-04 02:01
0000630: TEditBox scenegraph navigation broken - fixed !
I noticed the arrow-key functionality in the TEditBox source code,
but unfortunately it was broken in a couple of ways.
I think i've fixed them correctly.


* In selectSibling and related,
the new editbox was using 'contents:',
which i changed to 'initializeWithContents:'.

* Also in selectSibling and related,
for some reason these guys are being called twice,
which is bad because the second time the object has
deleted itself, so all sorts of things like parent are undefined.
Added 'parent ifNil: [^nil.].' near the top of these methods.

that's all.

i think the second issue may be due to keyDown: events being fired twice.

For example in TEditBox keyDown:, add a line line this:
'Transcript show: c;cr.' and notice that when the 'z' key is pressed,
keyDown is fired twice, first with 'Z' and then with 'z'.

.. But that's a separate bug !

Changeset attached.

 FixTEditBox.1.cs [^] (3,338 bytes) 12-08-04 02:01

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