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6337 PackageInfo tweak always 03-10-07 16:58 03-12-07 19:37
0006337: [FIX] Walkback when Snapshotting classes with uncategorized methods
Monticello expects all methods it works with to have a method category, but it PackageInfo gives it all methods, regardless of whether they have a category or not. (by "having a category", I mean that the CompiledMethod is accessible from ClassDescription>>organization.

Uncategorized methods cannot be produced in the browser, so they are not really source code, and therefore should not be snapshotted by Monticello. For instance, ThingLab creates uncategorized methods as part of its MessagePlan for satisfying object constraints; the user never touches them.

The attached changeset modifies PackageInfo>>getCoreMethodsForClass: to disregard uncategorized methods.
 PackageInfo-uncategorizedFix.1.cs [^] (557 bytes) 03-10-07 16:58 [^] (863 bytes) 03-11-07 23:57

03-12-07 00:05   
I added a test case that demonstrates the error; the test gives an error without the change, and is green with the change. However, the test does not run on Squeak 3.9 due to an unrelated issue. I wrote it for 3.8, since that is what I am developing ThingLab for.
03-12-07 07:39   
The test has the same "problem" on 3.10 as it does on 3.9