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6352 Collections text always 03-21-07 11:51 07-23-07 20:56
Damien Cassou  
0006352: [ENH] PositionableStream>>peekFor: is not ANSI
Here is a comment that should be added on PositionableStream>>peekFor:

"This definition does not conform to ANSI standard but most smalltalk implements use this definition and it is more useful. ANSI definition of #peekFor: is just an equality test between the object peeked up and the parameter."

Attached patch correct this.
 PositionableStream-peekFor.1.cs [^] (862 bytes) 03-21-07 11:51

nicolas cellier   
07-23-07 20:12   
Please, don't do it!
Oops, sorry, please do it! didn't see it was only a comment!

Following thread on squeak-dev clearly gave a large consensus that ANSI must be wrong with this case - except Ron and Damien; see: [^] [^] [^]

Damien Cassou   
07-23-07 20:56   
I now agree that this method is useful. However, I still think the name is incorrect. Changing the name has not been approved. Thus the comment.