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6379 ToDo major always 03-28-07 17:02 04-09-07 00:37
Damien Cassou  
closed 3.10  
7069 fixed  
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0006379: Newer universe version is needed

the version of the universe system must be updated. A bug has been corrected and the distant server port has been changed to allow clients behind a firewall to use universe.

Please use this version instead: [^]

03-29-07 14:26   
Uhm. Can you provide more context please? Why is it needed? For what? For who? I ask because I simply can't figure out how to categorize this issue as I don't understand the context.
Damien Cassou   
03-29-07 17:41   
Squeak 3.10 uses Universes by default. However, the included version is not the best one. This bug reports aims at notifying the release team of this problem.

Is it clearer ?
03-29-07 18:52   
Yes, I believe so. Just to confirm: you are requesting that the 3.10 release team upgrade the version of the Universes package that comes already installed in 3.10 to the specified version before releasing 3.10-final and preferably sooner?
Damien Cassou   
03-29-07 19:19   
Exactly, Ken. Thanks for taking care of the bug reports.
03-30-07 14:09   
This now is 7072UpdatingUniverses.cs and was in updates for 3.10
Thanks Damien !
Damien Cassou   
04-08-07 15:20   
This bug can be closed.
04-08-07 18:31   
Status changes need to be handled by the relevant team. In this case the release team itself since only they really know the status relative to their internal workings.
Damien Cassou   
04-08-07 18:46   
Edgar told me he does not have the permissions to close the bugs.
04-09-07 00:37   
his now is 7072UpdatingUniverses.cs and was in updates for 3.10