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6392 Multilingual minor always 03-30-07 21:02 04-01-07 20:25
nicolas cellier  
closed 3.9  
0006392: (Character nbsp) is not the non breaking space character
Non breaking space character code in ISO-8859-1 (latin 1, first 256 unicode) is 16rA0 or 10r160.

It is not 202 as coded in Characterr class>>#nbsp
Note that this one has no sender.
parent of 0002446closed  Character nonbreaking space does not look like a space 

03-30-07 22:50   
202 is mac roman for nbsp. See 0002446 for year old report and a fix.
nicolas cellier   
04-01-07 20:25   
Sorry i missed that!
I checked if euro bug was in database, it was not, then found the nbsp bug and didn't check the database again...
Shame on me! So i close the bug, see 0002446.