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0006446: Workspace with contents in Mac not always works well
Some text files with lf into have as result a Workspace window with bad formated text
The attached file solves the problem [^] (538 bytes) 04-24-07 13:07

04-24-07 13:10   
Reminder sent to: wiz

Jerome, I think what send mail about this.
I solve and wish you look.
Thanks !
04-26-07 00:58   
Hi Edgar,

I do not do much cross platform work in squeak so I don't run into the translation problem.

And I don't have a very good way of handling it.

On my iMac I use a shareware editor called texedit : [^]

Which has been very cross platform aware and knows to translate from pc to unix to mac fairly well.

I mention this because it is provides some nice external tools for translating line endings etc. Not a bad research tool for font and character set stuff. (It also has spanish versions)

The things I am aware of are:

Mac's tend to use mac roman in their font sets. Squeak started out in mac roman and is now suppose to be standardized to latin-1 and whatever the I18n stuff requires. The problem you describe sounds like it falls into that catagory.

Hth, -Jer

Are the problems only with line endings or do the quote marks look funny also? Maybe upload a problem file?