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6504 Collections minor always 05-24-07 09:18 11-20-08 20:50
Damien Cassou  
closed 3.10  
none 3.10  
0006504: MappedCollection is a strange and unneeded class
MappedCollection is not used at all in the class, not really commented.

Attached change set removes the class.
 RemoveMappedCollection.1.cs [^] (452 bytes) 05-24-07 09:18

07-19-07 19:45   
Reminder sent to: Damien Cassou

If you send mail to list and people agree, I add to release
Thanks Damien
Damien Cassou   
07-19-07 20:47   
Mail already sent: [^]

It seems we can remove more things. If you agree, I can generate a new cs or mcz (I'm not sure I can produce an mcz).

Damien Cassou   
07-21-07 11:04   
Hi Edgar,

I've read the thread again. The possible methods we can remove too have nothing to do with MappedCollection.

So please consider the attached changeset for an inclusion into 3.10.
11-20-08 20:50   
Harvested with update 7127 and released in Squeak 3.10.