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6513 Kernel minor N/A 05-25-07 13:20 05-25-07 13:20
new 3.9  
0006513: Reading dates from a stream using a pattern
Read a Date from the stream based on the pattern which can include the tokens:
        y = A year with 1-n digits
        yy = A year with 2 digits
        yyyy = A year with 4 digits
        m = A month with 1-n digits
        mm = A month with 2 digits
        d = A day with 1-n digits
        dd = A day with 2 digits
    ...and any other Strings inbetween. Representing $y, $m and $d is done using
    \y, \m and \d and slash itself with \\. Simple example patterns:


    A year given using only two decimals is considered to be >2000.
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