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6519 Morphic major always 05-30-07 11:28 07-03-09 00:30
new 3.9  
0006519: Rotating Round Rectangle affects its color
In 3.10 and 3.9-7067,
 1. Pull a rounded rectangle from Supplies
 2. Duplicate and rotate it. Notice that the displayed color changes
 3. Inspect both 'color' value of both morph. They remain the same.

So it looks like rotation affects the way color is rendered.
duplicate of 0002241feedback  Translucent color lost when rotating a morph 
 lost-translucency.gif [^] (1,353 bytes) 05-30-07 11:28

06-05-07 10:47   
After applying the patches from 2241, I see some weird bluish artifacts within the bounds of a rotated rectangle (see alphaerror.gif). The bluish background is seen when I import the gif on Squeakland plugin, 3.9 and 3.10 using vm-3.7.7-linux-i386 or vm-3.9-10 (Croquet SDK) and Mac-vm-3.8. It is easier to see it on an LCD screen if you tilt it forward and view it at around 80 degrees. The bluish patch is not in the gif nor am I able to capture it through screenshots.

Could this be caused by roundoff errors in primitives or plugins?
07-03-09 00:30   
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