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6537 Release Packaging major always 06-12-07 19:23 06-12-07 20:53
0006537: Problem with ReleaseBuilder3dot10 While Updating
Repeatedly now I've run into a failure when I tried to update a 3.10alpha image. I've tended to work around the problem but I think there is a significant misunderstanding going on that is working for the release team by accident.

First though find a patch attached that fixes an assumption about where hyphens are found in a package's name.

Beyond this however I think the logic of ReleaseBuilder3dot10>>loadTogether:merge: is flawed.

I'll be the first to say I don't quite grok all this so I could be mistaken. But it looks to me like you are going through the list of packages to be merged and trying to ensure that each package knows about it's repository. The thing is it seems to me that it is looking in exactly the same place where it is going to put the result. In other words I think this only works when the answer is already known. For those of us out here that have not been manually getting and putting updates into the 3.10 squeaksource repository those repositories are missing on some of the packages.
 RB310MergeFix-klc.1.cs.gz [^] (641 bytes) 06-12-07 19:23

06-12-07 19:44   
I still think this patch does something useful now but I think the rest of the comment is completely wrong now. I'm still having a failure with 7109 for Installer-Core but I'm not yet sure why. Will update when I know more.
06-12-07 20:30   
You know, the more I think about it the more I think this patch is just plain bogus.

In fact isn't having a package named 'Installer-Core' bogus? Doesn't MC enforce a policy of no hyphens in package names?
06-12-07 20:53   
OK, I think (maybe) I have tracked it down. If you look at the 310 repository in Monticello and look at the history for Installer-Core-edc.86, particularly the id for the version of .85 listed in the history and compare that to the id of .85 in the repository you find they don't match. Surely this is not right?