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6554 Morphic minor always 07-03-07 03:39 07-03-09 00:33
closed 3.10  
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0006554: in 7121 The font in the History of 3dot10 scrolling window is munged
See the picture.

For this one:
In a fresh 7121
just observe the header in the scrolling window. Notice that there are glitches in the character fonts and in particular the space font has a very noticable glitch.

This seems to be a font glitch or a font clipping glitch.
I also seem to remember this from before from a previous problem reported on mantis.
related to 0003604assigned andreas Rendering of synthesized bold/italic broken 
child of 0006570assigned tim A Mother for font and font test problems 
 HistoryOf3dot10.jpeg [^] (9,036 bytes) 07-03-07 03:39

07-20-07 11:03   
If you do command-K and reselect the font , look improves.
I can't tell if is related to how morph are saved
07-24-07 21:02   
Font looks ok as of 7130. There may still be an underlying problem but this report was only about the symptom. So I consider it resolved.
07-03-09 00:32   
reported as fixed.