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6558 Kernel minor always 07-09-07 06:33 07-09-07 07:05
new 3.10  
0006558: Integer>>hex8 has disappeared from image
VMMaker's InterpreterSimulator makes great use of Integer>>hex8 for printing various memory dumps, but this method was deprecated in 3.8 and removed in 3.9. Integer>>hex was re-introduced into the 3.10 image in, [^] so perhaps this should be as well.

However, due to the senders of this method (only InterpreterSimulator that I know of), perhaps this method should be changed to hexWord, and print either a 8-digit or 16-digit string, depending on whether the image is 32-bit or 64-bit, respectively. Attached are change sets and tests for both methods.
 Integer-hex8.1.cs [^] (470 bytes) 07-09-07 06:37
 Integer-hex8-tests.1.cs [^] (566 bytes) 07-09-07 06:37
 Integer-hexWord.2.cs [^] (445 bytes) 07-09-07 07:04
 Integer-hexWord-test.1.cs [^] (1,368 bytes) 07-09-07 07:05

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