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6594 Morphic major always 08-07-07 05:34 05-20-08 10:18
0006594: [Fix] [Enh] A better way to handle Balloon-Fill adjustments
Gradient and Bitmapped fill styles can be adjusted crudely one parameter at a time.

A better way to do it would be to gen up a set of handles that allow you to poke grapple the fills till they are the way you want them.

Evaluation code for this exists in the form of a 3.9 /3.10 project.
Code works and I consider it a solid beta.

see: [^]
Taming Fills

I am currently in the next phase which is writing sunit tests and persuing refactorings and enhancements to existing code.

The handles also serve as a fair demo for how I would like to see the corresponding halo handles behave on orienting and resizing morphs.

Each handle has balloon help to explain its use.

Please check it out, and add relevant feedback to this report.

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08-11-07 04:49   
There was good feedback on the list. Especially from Subbu who pointed out that the full set of handles was overkill for gradient morphs.

And further more there would like to be a way to change gradient morph colors.

I basicly agree. And am currently experimenting with ideas to implement gradient handles also.
10-10-07 10:12   
Reminder sent to: wiz

I toying with your projects and like.
Have some in .cs form so I could put into 3.10 ?
Or still you wish work more on this ?
10-10-07 17:10   
Hi Edgar,

This is still a work in progress. And it should be introduced to an image in an alpha phase.

The most recent update seems to have all the functionality I had hoped for (and had been nugded to include by Subbu.)

I am now waiting for more comments from users and some inspiration from myself.

Thanks for your support and interest, --Jer
03-05-08 04:46   
Bob's superswiki has been down for the last few weeks.

This rampHandles-wiz project in Edgar's [^]

has the code
it is also in an earlier version of funsqueak on the ftpsite [^]

for some reason the most recent FunSqueak is not on the ftp site.
05-20-08 10:18   
Reminder sent to: wiz

I delete old files , but I put this in newer FunSqueak, the last is FunSqueak.6.

I hope feedback as I wish improve FunSqueak for become "official" Full image some day