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6651 Universes minor always 09-02-07 20:39 09-23-07 10:21
Damien Cassou  
0006651: Universe package browser appears to preselect latest package version
When you select a package name in the middle pane the list of available package versions comes up in the third pane. The package name and the latest version are highlighted in red. The version seems to be selected but "install selection" will do nothing. You have to click on a version number to get the package description which seems to be the cue that you have an actual selection.
The description should come up and the package name highlighted when the package name is selected. The version number should be highlighted when selected or should be selected when it is highlighted.

Damien Cassou   
09-23-07 10:21   
Since the OmniBrowser framework does not allow this, I've just removed the autoselection in OBUniverse-dc.33.

Thanks for the bug report