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6677 Any major always 09-18-07 10:51 10-19-07 22:18
matthias berth  
Damien Cassou  
0006677: TestRunner loses filter pane after loading UI Themes and Widgets
I am using the most recent squeak-dev image. The TestRunner GUI for SUnit has a nice filter panel in the top-left. After I loaded the User Interface enhancements from the Package Universe ( [^] ) the pane is no longer there. So no test classes are selected, and nothing is shown in the other panes.

Damien Cassou   
09-27-07 13:24   
I confirm this happens to me too.
Damien Cassou   
09-27-07 13:27   
This happens because UIEnhancements override a method of TestRunner. In the squeak-dev image, the TestRunner is different. The override is not compatible.

What I did is to commit a new version of the enhanced TestRunner (SUnitGUI-dc.49). Now, UIEnhancements should remove its override.

To get back your TestRunner, you must load the new version from [^] (package SUnitGui).
09-28-07 19:40   
Override removed in Pinesoft-Widgets-gvc-242 (see 0006700). Sadly back to a proportionally scaled button bar... Perhaps some serious improvements to ToolBuilder would be appropriate, since you are now a dev... I'd be willing to help.
Damien Cassou   
10-01-07 06:05   
I'm not going to improve ToolBuilder (only fix bugs if I can). Thanks for the fix. You can now close the bug.
10-19-07 22:18   
The latest (development) Universe "UI Themes and Standard Widgets version 0.54" should address this (confirmed by email from Damien). Based on Pinesoft-Widgets-gvc.242.

Having trouble updating the universe at the moment for further enhancements...