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670 major always 12-15-04 02:02 02-07-05 13:44
0000670: Inst Var Refs omits things defined as inst vars
Create a class that has some of each of the so-called Regular fields, Virtual fields, and inst vars.
Use each in some methods. Now ask the browser, etiher Squeak or Tweak, for inst var refs. Observe that not all variables are thusly searchable.

This is a corollary of a strong complaint the TK4 team made to Andreas at Rik's house: that if they are not instVars, don't call them instVars.

Even if they are properly broken into three groups and not merely bolded and colored to tell them apart, they should STILL be browsable.
This really did bite me. I meticulously went down the list looking at all refs to each variable...
well guess what: that's not good enough under the current regime.
Is there a better work-around than filing-out the hierarchy and grep'ing?
C programmers have tools that are that good!

12-15-04 10:11   
I have posted an update which enables the equivalent in Tweak (not Morphic!) browsers. It would be nice if you could try it and give some feedback. Tradeoffs:
* I'm leaving out virtual fields (good? bad?)
* The references are determined via messages, e.g.,
     foo := 42.
     self foo: 42.
     self foo := 42.
  will all be found (good? bad?) but also
     mumble foo: 42.
     mumble foo := 42.
  (problematic? not?)
02-07-05 13:43   
Probably still not perfect but likely better than what was there...