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6790 minor always 11-28-07 18:28 11-28-07 18:28
0006790: download page needs links to sources files
The "Individual Download" section of the download page needs work.

It says:

"If your machine platform is not listed in the download box or you want to
get a specific version of Squeak, then you have to download three files
individually: the Virtual Machine, the Image file and the Sources file."

If you use the "Basic Squeak Release" image zip, it includes the sources file so you only need to download 2 files. The other image zips do not include the sources file. There are no links to sources files.

The write ups for the individual images are excellent. I think the Basic Release image should get a write up too and be moved into the images section. The write ups should include a blurb about which sources file is required.

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