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6831 Compiler minor always 12-30-07 02:07 02-06-11 23:48
nicolas cellier  
none trunk  
0006831: | | [ | unusedVar | ]. Doesn't compile because of "out of scope ->"
I'm not sure what the error message means, but I'd expect something like "unusedVar is not used; do you want to remove it?" or at least just accept the method.

The test method that doesn't work is as follows:

    | |
    [ | hello | ].

The test method that does work is as follows:

    [ | hello | ].
has duplicate 0007232closed nicolas cellier Out of Scope error always displayed when I have a block where a local variable is declared and assigned to but not used. 

nicolas cellier   
01-03-08 21:49   
Yes, it used to propose to remove the variable in 3.9.
But then failed if you select yes...

Since 7155 and inclusion of 0006704 it does fail before asking.
Seems that the patch is at least incomplete...

Anyway, OutOfScope is broken in old Compiler as you can see in 0003448 and 0006720

Yet another raison d'Ítre for the NewCompiler.
nicolas cellier   
09-07-10 19:15   
Could not reproduce any error in 4.2 trunk.
Probably already solved in 4.1