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6844 Morphic minor always 01-09-08 03:19 05-26-08 18:32
none 3.10  
0006844: Bug with scrollbars for certain combination of preferences.
See 0006802 for an example and analysis.

When the menu button is not shown (i.e. not one of the submorphs) it needs to be nil.

The script manager scroll bars are initialized by determining where the menu buttons are and then determining where the top button is from the placement of the menu button.

When morphs move the submorphs move with them. But the menu morph does not move because it is not a submorph.

So the top button gets misplaced. Nilling out the menuButton ivar cures the problem when next the list gets resized.

So in initializing the scroller either show the menu button or nil it out.

is the patch that fixes things by having initializeMenuButton be responsible for nilling out the menuButton ivar when menus are not shown.

The following initializeTopButton will then notice this and align itself with the topLeft of the scroll bar.

This is a morphic bug and has been remarked upon in previous reports
(see 0001231) apparently this is a old but hard to reproduce problem.

In the end 0006802 decided to resolve the symptom by changing the preferences.

So I have resubmitted this as a general morpic repair.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace
related to 0007035closed edgardec Fix system version for 3.10.1 [^] (1,375 bytes) 01-09-08 03:19

05-25-08 22:25   
Harvested by Edgar as update 7163
05-26-08 18:32   
Fixed in 3.10.1