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6854 Any minor always 01-14-08 00:31 01-14-08 01:04
0006854: TPromise>>waitTimeoutMSecs fails to wait at all
This code is not waiting:
waitTimeoutMSecs: msecs
    "Wait for at most the given number of milliseconds for this promise to resolve. Answer true if it is resolved, false otherwise."
    | sema |
    sema := Semaphore new.
    self whenComplete:[sema signal].
    Delay timeoutSemaphore: sema afterMSecs: msecs.
    ^self isResolved

If you look at the implementation of Delay>>timeoutSemaphore:afterMSecs: here:
timeoutSemaphore: aSemaphore afterMSecs: anInteger
 "... cut comment ..."
    anInteger < 0 ifTrue: [self error: 'delay times cannot be negative'].
    ^ (self new setDelay: anInteger forSemaphore: aSemaphore) schedule

you can see that no waiting is actually done and a TestCase attached to this report confirms that.
Fix is provided, too - by using the Semaphore>>waitTimeoutMSecs directly. [^] (1,161 bytes) 01-14-08 00:31 [^] (4,117 bytes) 01-14-08 01:04

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