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0006857: Socket>>#waitForDataFor:ifClosed:ifTimedOut: large delay hangs process
this method can cause very large delay or an exception due to a too-large delay, because this method does not account for the millisecond clock rolling over.
see [^]

"On rare occasions I've seen
Socket>>#waitForDataFor:ifClosed:ifTimedOut: (3.9 svp 7/27/2003 00:16)
pass a very large duration to readSemaphore waitTimeoutMSecs:. Large
enough to either hang the process for days, or cause Delay to complain
that delays cant exceed Note: 0000006 days. (when the duration should have been a
max of 300 seconds)."

Keithy wrote:

"In 3.10 there is a timeout calculating function which does take roll
over into account."

however upon checking 3.10.gamma.7159 the method is the same exact version as above.
related to 0007343closed cdegroot Socket clock rollover issues 

11-25-10 23:12   
Fixed in Network-ul.99.