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692 Morphic feature always 12-18-04 04:41 03-09-05 19:50
resolved 3.9  
0000692: Saving project will also save the contents of the trash (no warning given)
Get a fresh project.
Grab a rectangle.
Save the project.
With the halo on the rectangle press the recolor handle.

Now throw the property sheet away by invoking its halo and pressing its delete buttton.
Now save the project.
The project is now several times bigger due to its preservation of the garbage.

There is NO warning that it is saving the property sheet. And this IMHO will not be in the general case what the user intended.

So when it is about to do that it should at least ask if it is desired.

01-13-05 08:32   
Hmm. I'm not sure I've described the problem properly. What I have noticed is sometimes small projects have saved to big files. What all is being saved with them I am not sure. It would be helpful if someone had a way to see inside a project and enumerate its contents w/o commiting to loading it into squeak. Does anyone know where to find such a thing?
03-09-05 19:50   
After some discussion with the Squeakland devteam, it was decided (Mar. 9 2005) that we'd leave the current behavior for now, and try not to make this happen in Tweak.