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7007 Tools major always 04-10-08 00:57 04-18-10 22:04
kbrown MacPro  
andreas OS X  
normal 10.5.2  
closed 3.10  
Squeak3.10-7159-basic fixed  
none trunk  
0007007: 'toggle break on entry' from method list pane doesn't work
setting 'toggle break on entry' from the method list pane results in no highlight coloring, no annotation and also does not break.

Debug it 'Browser open.' from a Workspace, click 'into', see open in the message
list in the top pane, do 'toggle break on entry' when the 'open' line is highlighted, start over in
the debugger or doit from the Workspace, the operation proceeds to completion without breaking.

Operates the same way in sq3.10-7159dev08.04.1 as well as also reported by Stephen Pair to do the same in a 3.9 image
related to 0007008assigned dr Squeak Packages 'toggle break on entry' is not available in default System Browser method pane 
 BreakPointManager_installInClassselector_Patch_M7007_nice.1.cs [^] (856 bytes) 04-11-08 10:54

Damien Cassou   
04-11-08 10:53   
Nicolas Cellier made the following comment in report 0007008. I think his comment and patch apply here. I've attached his patch to this report.
04-11-08 16:08   
I don't see that this works yet, as well, the annotation for the method where the breakpoint has been set is not there in the debugger method list pane.
nicolas cellier   
04-11-08 19:20   
Hi Ken,

This patch is necessary so that the method with breakpoint be installed at the right place (in instance side instead of installing it on class side, or eventually in Metaclass if the method was yet on class side).

If you apply the patch, the break point will break normally.

This patch wont address any UI problem.
Though, the debugger opens with method emphasized bold with a [break] extension in stack list when a breakpoint is encountered.

If you toggle the breakpoint from within the debugger, the stack list is not updated and this new breakpoint is not emphasized. Toggle off from Debugger, and the Debugger won't display method source (or display it in a flash...).
nicolas cellier   
04-11-08 20:34   
"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 7007 fix:'BreakPointManager_installInClassselector_Patch_M7007_nice.1.cs'.
"fix test".
"fix end"
04-11-08 21:44   
Refer to 0007008 as well.
There was some sort of issue with this fix not getting into my image.
Now it works!
nicolas cellier   
08-24-09 19:49   
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