SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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7039 Morphic major unable to reproduce 05-10-08 09:56 03-17-09 05:00
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0007039: Click events are only honored after moving the mouse
From time to time it happens that the image gets into a weird state where click events are only honored after moving the mouse. For example, in the code browser you click on a method but nothing happens until you start moving the cursor. The problem does not seem to go away again.
Unfortunately I have no clue how to reproduce.
Others reported to also see the problem.
related to 0001567closed  [BUG][FIX] PLM click on two different mouse buttons interpreted as double click 
related to 0001037closed  [bug] [testers] Click state handler causes mouse up to be processed twice because of (unitended?) recursion. 
related to 0006975new  [RFE] Better event distictions between drag, click and mouse up. 

05-10-08 10:00   
Jerome Peace:

There are a bunch of problems (imho) with MouseClickState and its current handler.
I made an earlier pass at them but did not persue getting the fixes into an image.
I would be happy to pick up the fight again if you provided some ammunition in the form of a Mantis report.

My last efforts did result in a MouseClickExerciser which updated Dan's DoubleClickExample to meet current expectations. That is now in the image Objects tool under demo.

I also dabbled in some tools for analyzing click state problems. One of my observations is that when waiting for double clicks most morphs will lose mouse focus after the first click (mouseup). To my mind this will be found to be a culprit for some bug. But I don't know which one.
03-16-09 16:34   
This issue was discussed again here: [^]

Proposed fix when the image got into the defective state:

TransferMorph allInstances do: [:ea | ea delete]