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7081 Multilingual major always 06-06-08 02:32 07-24-08 01:52
new 3.10.1  
0007081: [ tests ] Some TTCFonts have a non-integer height.
For this one load and run the uploaded test.

Load and run the attached test.

TTCFonts with point sizes not divisible by three will have a fractional height.
Reloading projects with TTCFonts were mutating the fonts in 3.10.

The major part of that bug was an uninitialized font registry.

However, reloaded and resaved fonts also came back mutated until about the third or fourth attempt. So something seemed to have lost stability.

This is more evidence of something wrong in the multilingual font work.

See this reports mother
child of 0006570assigned tim A Mother for font and font test problems [^] (345 bytes) 06-06-08 02:32 [^] (354 bytes) 06-06-08 02:53

06-06-08 02:56

test all instances of TTCFonts and StrikeFonts respectively.

For 3.10.1 (7175)
Some TTCFonts fail.
All StrikeFonts pass.
07-24-08 01:52   
More demo data.

If you select>world menu>appearance>system fonts
make it stay up.
Then select from system fonts menu >set demo mode
followed by >print default font choices

The print out will mention several TTCFonts with non integer heights.