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7153 Morphic minor always 08-14-08 01:59 08-14-08 02:02
Antony Blakey  
new 3.10.2  
0007153: ScrollPane doesn't respect the value of ScrollPane>>hMargin
ScrollPane includes an hMargin method to specify the left horizontal offset of the list contents, which gives all list items, and the selection rectangle, a white pixel left border. If you want to change this border e.g. to have the selection rectangle not be offset from the left side, you can override hMargin. The problem is that there are three methods in ScrollPane that hardcode a 3 pixel border, ignoring the setting of hMargin.
 FullyParametricHMarginInScrollPane-M7153-ASB.1.cs.gz [^] (886 bytes) 08-14-08 02:02

Antony Blakey   
08-14-08 02:02   
I have attached a changeset that fixes this problem