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7214 Morphic minor always 10-13-08 19:18 10-25-08 02:16
new 3.10.2  
0007214: SimpleButtonMorph does not change font after change of World: Apperance : System Font : Button preferences
the wrong assingment of the font takes place in the method label:

m := StringMorph contents: aString font: TextStyle defaultFont.

Correct seems to be the use in label: font:

m := StringMorph contents: aString font: (aFont ifNil: [Preferences standardButtonFont]).

It works, if in label: TextStyle defaultFont is substituted by Preferences standardButtonFont
I'm relative new to Squeak. I'm working with the sq3.10.2-7179dev08.09.3 image

10-25-08 02:16   
Hi thukyd,

Thanks for reporting the bug.

You have probably supplied enough info for a very dedicated person to look into it. The problem is most of us are volunteers with full plates.

It will help the report if you can add to it a complete and specific recipe for getting to the bug. (I.E. starting from a fresh sq3.10.2-7179dev08.09.3 image, what specifically did you do to get the bug. What did you expect to get and what did you get instead.)

Adding pictures to the report to demostrate the difference usually helps.

Also code in the form of a test would help show the problem and once fixed help the problem from recurring.

My other curiosity is if you tried the same thing in a 3.10.2 basic image would you get the same problem or no problem or something different?

I don't know if you are game to try any or all of the above? I think you will find each of the steps above would increase your programing and squeak prowess.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace