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728 Kernel minor always 12-26-04 20:28 01-07-05 20:27
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0000728: Yet another AcornFileDirectory naming fix
RISC OS has a moderately bewildering collection of file naming rules including quite a few characters that are not permitted and at least one (space char) that is only permitted as a 'hard-space' character 160.
Since the simple excision of bad characters isn't enough to cope with this I've changed th algorithm to use a map from asciiValue to correct char or nil. Nils are left out of the corrected filename, otherwise the mapped character is used.

There is a nsaty complication because of the sick, twisted, demented and thoroughly innefficient way filenames are misused - a filename thathas bee ntested and corrected may get passed through the correction code at least twice, so the mapping needs to pass through any characters that are the result of mappings... yuck. We need to fix this.
Since this is a RISC OS only matter, I claim my usual privilege of accepting this code immediately.
 AcornFDcheckName-75.1.cs [^] (2,412 bytes) 12-26-04 20:28

12-26-04 20:31   
Resolved by attached file. Affects RISC OS only. Add to updates any time convenient.
01-07-05 20:27