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7406 System minor always 10-08-09 02:47 10-08-09 02:47
0007406: [RFI] Ability to timestamp debug.log needed
Context: You run into a bug you would like to report. A debug log has been written to the disk. But the next bug you run into will over write it. Frustrating.

Solution: A menu item and/or button that goes and renames that debug log you want to save to something unique.
The easiest thing I can think of is to rename it based on the current time

So "SqueakDebug.log" becomes "SqueakDebug2009-10-07-2238.log" for example. Giving you a respite and the ability to find other bugs w/o going out to the file system to do something like this manually.

In my story this is done only on user command. Changes only the log in the current directory. And is done after the fact.

Ah ran into a bug. Hmm I better save that. Press "timestamp debuglog".

It will not make too much difference what time stamp is used either the time the button was pressed or something from the files internal timestamp.

The important thing is to make it easier to preserve a valuable log. And to avoid extra steps in doing so.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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