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7440 Morphic block always 01-12-10 01:57 04-18-10 21:59
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0007440: In sq 8859 Saving a project hangs (even after avoiding the first two problems)

For this one in a fresh sq 8859 (or earlier same prob in 8720)
open a new morphic project
rename it (to avoid the first problem]
patch PasteupMorph>prepareToBeSaved by removing bogus #isTileMorph predicate (to avoid second problem.

Enter the new project you just created and renamed.
Select "Save Project" from world menu or Projects on menu bar.

You will get the initial save dialog.
Select Save or Save on local disk to continue.

Project will then hang in the process of saving.
Other strange things are happening at this point but I haven't had a chance to separate things out.

Breaking out of the stall ( I requested jump to previous project during the hang.)
This opened a debug window MessageNotUnderstood: MorphicProject>>isScriptEditorMorph

I was still in the same project not it's parent.
At this point when I looked on disk the project was saved in the squeaklets folder. (Whether saved whole or saved corrupted I have not checked yet.)
Some previous attempted save projects had folders named after them.
e.g. a TestSave.001 folder and a Project appeared in the Squeaklets folder. Those were earlier attempts.

The file appeared as well. That was this present attempt. The debug log for the MNU error is attached.

File sizes 203.9 KB (208781 bytes) (Current attempt. With fileout of #preparedToBeSaved patch. 201.5 KB (206340 bytes) (Previous attempt to save an "empty" project does not contain saved code.)

Well, thats enough for now. Questions needing anwsering are:

1) What currently is the expected behavior of "Save Project to Disk"? !!!?

2) What causes an Unnamed project to report a primative failure. Old behavior was to request a name?

3) What causes the hang?

4) Why did interupting it work?

Enviornmental factors:

'/home/hubuntu/Documents/squeakish/pharo fixes/pharo vm folder/squeak' '/home/hubuntu/MySqtrunkCurrent.image'

sq is a fresh 8720 updated to 8859.
system is Ubuntu 8.04
vm is from package

related to 0007445closed andreas In 8864 Saveing a project can still hang (4th bug and counting) 
 SqueakDebug10jan11a.log [^] (4,593 bytes) 01-12-10 01:57

01-12-10 03:18   
Found a fourth bug

The isScriptEditorMorph is used to replace

obj class == ScriptEditorMorph

in MorpicProject>exportSegmentWithCatagories: catList classes: classList fileName: aFileName directory: aDirectory
'ar 1/3/2010 19:01 MorphicProject exportSegmentWithCatagories:classes:fileName:directory: {file in/out}'

however obj can be any object and the backstop


only covers morphs it needs also to be in Object or maybe ProtoObject
01-12-10 23:03   
In 8864. Code causing behavior apparently reverted.