SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

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7445 Files block sometimes 01-13-10 18:17 04-18-10 21:57
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0007445: In 8864 Saveing a project can still hang (4th bug and counting)
As I was recovering from my last crash I started to save a project with a name that I had already used.

I got the "you've already used that name and this project has never been saved before, save anyway?"

I proceeded to save.

The process hung.

Alt-. to user interupt.
Then selected jump to previous (parent) project.

In the parent project I got a debug box. (debug log attached)

In the depths of
ar 1/3/2010 19:01 MorphicProject exportSegmentWithChangeSet:fileName:directory: {file in/out}

ar 10/4/2009 22:22 FileDirectory = {comparing}

is called comparing the directory path to a pasteup morph.

The pasteup morph complains about being sent #pathname.

It seems to me = has the duty to take on all comers. So
ar 10/4/2009 22:22 FileDirectory = {comparing}
is the culprit.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

duplicate of 0007456closed leves In sq 8864 evaluating 'FileDirectory default = nil' causes an MNU #pathName 
related to 0007440closed wiz In sq 8859 Saving a project hangs (even after avoiding the first two problems) 
 SqueakDebug10jan13a.log [^] (4,161 bytes) 01-13-10 18:17 [^] (4,538 bytes) 01-13-10 18:30

01-13-10 18:22   
Reminder sent to: andreas

Another one of yours I believe. Cheers -Jer
01-13-10 18:30   
Can you try this patch and see if it fixes the problem?
01-16-10 06:49   
I've downloaded the patch. Now I've got to figure a way to try it.

However, just looking at it I see it doesn't touch.

ar 10/4/2009 22:22 FileDirectory = {comparing}

Which needs to allow filedirctories to be compared to objects in general.

Right now the simple test

FileDirectory instance = PasteUpMorph instance will fail with and error.


FileDirectory instance = nil will fail with an error.

You need to write tests around this; watch them fail; and make them pass.

Time to up your game.

Cheers --Jer
01-16-10 08:19   
My attempts to recreate the problem in sq #8875 fail.

So I have not base case to compare the patch to.

I tried saving a fresh project with code into a project name that had already been used.
After being cautioned and proceeding
Then being asked if I wanted to save code and answering yes.
The save was completed.

Those were the conditions that hung the last time.
And I checked versions for the patch method in sq 8875 it is
ar 1/3/2010 19:01 MorphicProject exportSegmentWithChangeSet:fileName:directory: {file in/out}

The isScriptTile fallback method is Object>.isScriptTile now rather than morph.
So that is consistent with what was needed for mantis 0007440.

I did not try to read the project back in.

Conclusion so far--
I don't know of a good way to test the patch since I can't recreate the problem even when the patch is not there.

Cheers --Jer
03-09-10 19:54   
Patch is in the Trunk image