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0007457: in sq 8883 browser menu item 'copy up or down' ignores contents of codeholder
For this one open a browser
select a method (I used StarMorph>addStarHandles)
get a yellow menu for it (middle click on ubuntu)>more>copy up or down)
select a target class ( I used PolygonMorph)

notice you get a category browser for the category in the new class.
but the contents have not been copied.
The culprit seems to be:
'ar 8/8/2009 17:05 Browser openMessageCatEditString: {initialize-release}'

which replaces a totally different:
'sd 11/20/2005 21:26 Browser openMessageCatEditString: {initialize-release}'

The new method totally ignores its argument aString (the code holder contents). Something is seriously wrong.

I've put the priority an urgentcy high because this breaks a useful tool that wasn't broken before.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

01-20-10 04:03   
Reminder sent to: andreas

Hi andreas,

Another one.

Maybe it time to start wondering about getting "test infected".

Cheers --Jer
01-20-10 04:36   
On second thought this is not a blocking issue. --Jer
01-20-10 04:45   
Fixed in trunk.