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0007510: In sq 9956 draging and dropping a project file causes an MNU.
For this one:

On Ubuntu/Linux (I doubt the platform matters)

In a fresh squeak 4.1
create and save a project.

In another fresh squeak
Drag the file from a folder onto the squeak image.

From the pop up menu select load as project.

Note debugger comes up:

MessageNotUnderstood: MultiByteFileStream>>dirAndFileName

latest update: #9956

Current vm2022 final released with 4.1
#dirAndFileName is implemented only in FileList

Reading the project in with file list worked okay.

Ideally I would like dropping a project onto the image to simply open the project assuming that is possible.

I realize that projects saved before a certain version won't work in 4.1 However when dropped there should be a simple way of determining if that is the case. E.G. the project might have a project version header that identifies it as being 4.1 or later. Then you could just go ahead and load it.

I wish to return to being a lazy programmer.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

04-23-10 05:08   
This seems to be similar to the problem mentioned in 0007499.

Dragging and droping pictures still works. So this is not a regression of that fix.

Cheers, -Jer
11-23-10 09:56   
The cause of the issue is that the same service is used for loading from FileList and for drop handling. Implementing StandardFileStream >> #dirAndFile is a solution for this issue, but it will postpone the cleanup and refactoring of ProjectViewMorph, ProjectLoading, FileList and FileList2.
11-23-10 10:30   
Fixed in Tools-ul.279.