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0007531: Enhancements to HelpSystem content
Various minor edits for clarity and grammar, and to remove duplication...

Help->Tools->Workspace->What is a Workspace: removed instruction to open a workspace, which appears again on the next page

Help->Tools->Workspace->Open a Workspace:
* removed "(click on the Tools Flap to close it back up)" at end of Tools Flap instructions. The flap closes by itself when the workspace is dragged out (4.1 update 10142)
* changed World menu instructions from [world menu -> open -> workspace], to [world menu -> Workspace]
* added line to "doit"
* minor edits for grammar and clarity

Help on Help->Introduction: minor grammatical change
Files in Inbox:
* Help-Squeak-Project-sd.6
* HelpSystem-Core-sd.49

n.b. I uploaded before I created this ticket - next time I will follow the -MXXXX convention. And, I've changed my initials to spd, not to be confused with stef.

05-13-10 18:11   
If you upload your changes to the Inbox or Trunk there is no need to upload them to this site, and hence no need to be concerned about the -MXXXX convention. Committing directly to the repository is preferred.
05-13-10 19:03   
Okay, I thought maybe it would make it easier to match up the files to the issue.