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7580 HelpSystem minor always 12-08-10 01:15 12-17-10 20:08
kbrown MacPro Intel  
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0007580: Right and left arrow keys, not up and down, move between categories in Terse Guide to Squeak
It would be nice if the up and down arrows could be used to do up and down the category list on the left of the Terse Guide to Squeak, available from the Help menu. As it is now, the right and left arrow keys appear to perform that function.
In a fresh, [^] updated to 10742, select Help/Terse Guide to Squeak. Up and down arrow keys do not work to go up and down the category list on the left.
Multiple monitors

12-17-10 20:08   
As of Sq 4.2-10792, up and down arrow keys now move the selection up and down the list of categories, however left and right arrows do up and down there as well. Left and right arrows I think should be turned off for moving up and down.