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0007599: Could not type chinese in Squeak
In Squeak 3.8, i could type chinese in Squeak WorkSpaces but
in Squeak 4.1, I couldn't type any chinese character, only some confusing character showed to me?

Could Squeak support the language type in with the character supported in system?

01-25-11 13:18   
Can you please raise this question on the squeak-dev or vm-dev mailing list? I do not know of any changes to the VM that would cause this problem, but I am not knowledgeable in this topic so it is better to ask advice on the mailing list. Thanks.
01-26-11 04:15   
What should i do to post this question to vm-dev team or squeak-dev?
01-26-11 18:51   
Information about these two mailing lists is at: [^] [^]

I suggest that you subscribe to the squeak-dev list first, and ask the question there.
01-27-11 09:40   
Thx very much, and still another question

as i found from the code in Squeak 4.1, it seems it has implemented the chinese character supported, also it has the comments for SimplifiedChineseEnvironment class, said that: "This class provides the Simplified Chinese support (Used mainly in Mainland China). Unfortunately, we haven't tested this yet, but as soon as we find somebody who understand the language, probably we can make it work in two days or so, as we have done for Czech support."

should it be reported in another category?
01-28-11 13:29   
There is no need to add additional reports for multiple categories. If the category is wrong it can be changed.

As David mentioned I think you will make progress on this issue sooner if you use the mailing lists to discuss details and reference this report. I'm deleting #7601 as the duplicate is unnecessary.