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0007649: Methods for intercepting class access ([Vm-dev] Minor change for understanding)
Contributed by Jean Baptiste Arnaud on vm-dev list
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[Vm-dev] Minor change for understanding
Jean Baptiste Arnaud jbaptiste.arnaud at
Thu Jun 9 13:38:42 UTC 2011

I submit a really small change for make some code more easy to intercept class access in VM.
I do crappy think with class pointer and i would like to indirect the access to the class.

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I just create a method change reference of 4 new one. I have the feeling that make the structure more understandable.
with this change i was able to intercept all class access on my experimental VM by changing 3 method.
I run tiny benchmark for see if the change add overhead on class access. I don't find any overhead.
Jean Baptiste Arnaud
jbaptiste.arnaud at
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