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7678 Tools minor always 11-16-11 05:14 12-06-11 14:49
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0007678: Pressing enter in an empty selector browser that has been edited brings up a debugger
When using the selector browser you can enter text in the search field and the field will be marked as edited. If you then delete all of the text out of the search field it will still be marked as edited, and if you hit enter to accept the search a debugger will pop up.

This happens because the contents:notifying: method does not guard against getting a list of tokens that is empty.
My fix for this issue just does the simplest thing, which is guard against an empty list of tokens. Not knowing much about the selector browser I am not sure if there is a better fix for this.
 Tools-jmg.386.mcz [^] (540,238 bytes) 11-16-11 05:14

12-06-11 14:49   
Fixed in Tools-ul.386. The bug also occured when the input consisted only of whitespaces, so the easiest solution was to trim unnecesary blanks.