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7768 Morphic minor always 06-13-13 19:55 11-18-15 15:28
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0007768: Filters sometimes don't stop filtering
* open a Browser
* in the System Category pane, type "net"
* alt-f to find Browser (which is in a Tools package)
* Note how Browser's being browsed, but the System Category pane still shows only those packages matching "net". It should show all the system categories, and have the selected class' category selected.

I think this is because the PluggableListMorphPlus isn't told to #removeFilter. Ah, but it is! So the list looks like it's unfiltered - no pink - but the items in the list only contain the short, filtered list of items.

11-18-15 15:28   
This is still an issue in 4.5, but has been fixed in 5.0. As this issue only refers to trunk, I propose to either change the version of this issue or close it.