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0007774: Description for the Usage on Windows (All in One Package) definetely not correct
Dear team,

it was said, that you can start different Image-Files as it is the use for Smalltalk-Systems. You have to Right-Click on the image file and search in the settings for the virtual machine. Has it been tested on Windows XP? I don't believe. That does not function! Everytime Squeak comes up with a message error, calling *no content to install*.

I am an administrator which has to bring up a Windows XP desktop for a school (although preferring Linux!). On Linux there are no probs with Squeak. But on Windows the description on the website is definetely not correct IMHO (has it been *really* tested?); the configuration file shows version 4.3 as the windows title. That is not a prob, but I assume that some tests have not been done.
Squeak is not a great, but a *very* great thing. But I do not believe that these unnecessary problems support acceptance.

Heiko Schroeder

11-20-15 10:28   
Does anyone know to which part of the website this refers to? This sound like it is solved with the new website and could be closed.
Nicolai Hess   
11-20-15 11:01   
I don't know where this is refereed on the website, but it is still an
issue on windows if you use a all-in-one squeak distribution and
tries to open a squeak.exe with a different squeak.image or the "correct" image
from a different location
For example, copy the squeak image from

open LinuxAndWindows in a explorer and drag and drop the image file on
the squeak.exe
-> CodeLoader Error: no content t o install.
Nicolai Hess   
11-20-15 11:04   
And the image that actually starts is not the one you dragged onto the vm
but the image that is defined in the squeak.ini file