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7793 VM minor always 10-19-13 21:36 04-22-15 21:40
0007793: Memory leak in the SqueakSSL plugin on unix
Reported by Levente Uzonyi on squeak-dev:

We've been experiencing memory leakage in long running Squeak images using
SqueakSSL. After a bit of monitoring I found that 132 bytes get leaked
for each https request done from the image. After a bit of code review,
I've probably found the culprit, and another potential source of memory
leak. For the reference, the source file this mail is about is [^]
The main memory leak is in sqDestroySSL function (starting on line 117),
which doesn't free the bioRead and bioWrite variables (allocated by
sqCreateSSL on line 98-99) of the ssl object. My suggested solution is to
insert the following two lines before line 132:
The other potential source of memory leak is sqSetStringPropertySSL
(starting on line 381). It allocates a chunk of memory on line 389, but
doesn't use nor free it, if the propID argument is not
SQSSL_PROP_CERTNAME. My suggested solution is to insert the following line
after line 396:

        if(property) free(property);

Note that I haven't tested any of these, but I hope someone who is more
into VM building right now will try them.
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related to 0007824assigned lewis Add TLS SNI Server Name Indication support to SqueakSSL plugin 
 sqUnixOpenSSL.c.gz [^] (3,133 bytes) 10-20-13 03:44

10-20-13 17:00   
The fix has been applied to trunk (interpreter), and the identical update should be added in Cog and Pharo.
01-30-15 01:31   
Fix has been applied to SVN trunk
04-22-15 21:40   
This is also fixed in binary at [^]