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7829 Graphics minor always 09-11-15 12:03 09-11-15 12:03
Nicolai Hess  
0007829: New soft shadow isn't "soft" in some situations
Enable soft shadow (it is enabled by default in Squeak 5.0).

change display depth < 32
drag a progress morph
drag a tool from the "objects" dialog or from the "Tools"-flap

while the object is being dragged, the soft shadow not soft but a big
black border.
There is another issue with soft shadows for menus.
(I tried to make a screenshot but the artifact is not visible in the screenshot)
For example:

open system browser
press the "source"-button (press in the middle of the button)
-> on the right side of the mouse, the menu opens, on the left
side, you'll see a dark shadow (rendering artifact) on the source button.

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