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7838 System crash always 11-09-15 21:20 10-16-16 06:38
feedback 5.0  
0007838: Command "explore it" applied to Object leads to crash of VM.
Issuing "explore it" for Object from workspace menu leads to crash of VM. The same thing occurs when evaluating "Object explore" expression by "do it".

Fresh images of Squeak versions 4.6 and 5.0. OS Windows 8.1 64-bit.

It looks like the infinite recursion occurs. UI freezes and memory consumption constantly grows up to 3867.7 MB(!) until VM crash. Then the message displayed:

Fatal VM error
Sorry but VM has crashed
Reason: out of memory
Current byte code: -1
Primitive index: -1

The crash dump process can't complete and VM stops responding to the system. The size of the incomplete dump file is large (about 14 MB) thus I can't attach it.

Nicolai Hess   
11-16-15 15:10   
Yes, this looks like some recursive data in Objects DependentsFields.

If you change ListItemWrapper
setItem: anObject
        ifNotNil: [:obj | obj removeDependent: self].
    item := anObject.
        ifNotNil: [:obj | obj addDependent: self]
    item := anObject

to :

setItem: anObject

    item := anObject.

every thing works.
Nicolai Hess   
11-27-15 09:32   
Looks like this is already fixed in trunk.
How can/will this move to an update for the current release?
10-16-16 06:36   
I just tried to reproduce this with the official Squeak 5.1 release on Windows 8.1 Pro, and it does work correctly.

However, the proposed fix seems to remove some UI update functionality, doesn't it?