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7861 MVC major always 09-25-16 09:04 04-06-18 10:01
resolved trunk  
0007861: Can't debug
In an MVC project when pressing 'debug', we get the error

MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>windowColorToUse

The error is caused by the method setDefaultBackgroundColor attempting to
send the message windowColorToUse to a nil model.

I have changed the implementation of View>>setDefaultBackgroundColor to

model == nil ifFalse:[self model windowColorToUse].

And this seems to fix the problem, as I now get the debugger window and everything appears to work as it should.

How to reproduce:

Open a new MVC project, open a workspace and do 2/0. When the notifier comes up select 'debug'.

nicolas cellier   
04-06-18 10:00   
Can't reproduce in current Squeak trunk, appeared to be fixed