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7862 Morphic minor always 11-13-16 07:44 11-13-16 07:44
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0007862: [BUG][FIX] #querySymbol: (cmd/alt + q) doesn't put caret on the first argument place
Considering the use case of "query" feature (code completion invoked by cmd/alt + q), when a selector with multiple keywords is a candidate, the caret should be placed in the first argument insertion part (the first colon-space). [^]

For similar reason, I also tweak the "advance" feature (shift + cmd/alt + a) by which the caret is moved to the next occurrence of the characters colon-space (it is imperceptibly changed to move the caret just after colon but not after colon-space).
 fixQuerySymAndArgAdv-sumim.1.cs.gz [^] (1,404 bytes) 11-13-16 07:44

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