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7864 Multilingual minor always 11-14-16 09:59 04-06-18 20:36
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0007864: [BUG][FIX] some methods required for the Japanese locale to function properly is missing
JapaneseEnvironment class lacks some method to work. This change-set supplements what is missing and also fixing some bugs.
 fixJapaneseLocale-sumim.1.cs.gz [^] (1,428 bytes) 11-14-16 09:59
 fixJapaneseLocale-sumim.2.cs.gz [^] (1,522 bytes) 11-21-16 02:57

nicolas cellier   
04-06-18 17:33   
Hi sumim, thanks for the report and patch!
I'm in the process of integrating your fixes.
I want to understand why the changes of crossedX are necessary, because the case of no space and no other breakable character should normally be handled in ^self wrapHere. Do you remember or have a test case showing the problem?
nicolas cellier   
04-06-18 17:40   
Now partly in trunk (but crossedX) [^]

Waiting for feedback concerning crossedX