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788 Morphic minor always 01-04-05 06:27 01-08-05 02:40
new 3.9  
0000788: ImageMorph no longer has recolor handle and no menu items for changing border.
ImageMorph used to have ( as of 3.7g-full ) a recolor handle in its halo.
That allowed bringing up the property sheet that allowed changing the border. Now that is gone.

ImageMorph for no obvious reason did not (as of 3.7full) have red menu items for changing border color or width. Why?

The two things together mean the loss of an ability.

01-08-05 02:40   
Further observation. Image morph inherits from morph and not from borderedmorph so it has always lacked the red handle menu items for setting border.

Still borderStyle is an extension and Image morph can have one just like any other morph. So it has a border whenever border style is set. Likes having a border just fine.

What is lacks is the UI to set the border.

Also this sort of point out how obsolete the borderedMorph inheritance has become. Except for the menu items. Hmmmm.